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Areas of specialization

Research in the Department of Physics at the University of Oregon covers a wide range of subjects. These include

Of the faculty members mentioned here, most work in experiment or observation. Theoretical physics is represented by Belitz, Chang, Deshpande, Haydock, Hwa, Imamura, Kribs, Nöckel, Soper, Toner and van Enk.

Centers, Institutes and Facilities

Much of the research in Physics is fostered by several research institutes. The institutes most closely associated with physics are

The department also operates Pine Mountain Observatory in central Oregon.

Much of the research associated with the centers and institutes mentioned above is interdisciplinary and it is not unusual to find graduate students in physics studying under faculty members in other departments, particularly Biology, Chemistry, Geological Sciences and Mathematics.

Externally funded research at the UO is administered by the university’s

Research support facilities at the university include