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COVID 19: Links to helpful resources

UO Campus and Physics Office space remains closed during COVID phase restrictions

In order to reduce the risk of exposure to students, staff, and faculty, and in response to the emergent COVID-19 situation, the Physics Department administrative office will be closed beginning March 17, 2020 for the coming weeks. Updates about university closures can be found here

During this period, the office will provide service remotely. Email and phone messages will be checked regularly.

Refer to your March 20th ‘Package Deliveries’ e-mail for more information on FedEx,


UO Physics Faculty Collaborate on New National Quantum Centers

The development of a quantum internet is one of the most ambitious and transformative engineering endeavors of the 21st century,” said Raymer, a Philip H. Knight Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics.

Raymer will co-lead the UO’s efforts on the grant with Smith, who directs the Oregon Center for Optical Molecular and Quantum Science.

“The quantum internet will push the frontiers of science while potentially revolutionizing computer science, data privacy, pharmaceuticals discovery and materials design, among others,” Smith said.

The new Center for Quantum Networks is the


UO Physics Faculty Leads New Study of Aquatic Symbioses

A UO-led team of researchers spanning physics, neuroscience, molecular biology, ecology and evolution will use a new $325,000 grant to examine aquatic symbioses — the interactions between different animal species living together.

The project is funded by a 30-month award from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation  and involves the study of zebrafish in controlled ecosystems.

The team will leverage decades’ worth of pioneering research at the UO involving zebrafish and explorations of the gut microbiome, in which vast numbers of microbes contribute to both health and disease in their