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Quantum Physics: What Everyone Needs to Know

A new general-audience book on quantum physics authored by Professor Michael Raymer – Quantum Physics, What Everyone Needs to Know – was published in June 2017. The book developed as a text for the Science Literacy Program (SLP) course he has taught the past few years to introduce nonscience majors to quantum physics, and explain modern developments in quantum technology. Raymer said, “Thinking about how to explain such abstract concepts as “quantum non-locality,” coupled with practical methods such as quantum cryptography, has been great fun. A near-future revolution in


Defining Dark Matter

Professor Graham Kribs research into dark matter highlighted in an Around-the-O article:

Defining dark matter isn’t easy. It is thought to be particles that can only feebly interact with the known particles of the universe. The particles, whatever they are, are tied to the expansion of the universe, beginning with the Big Bang.

Scientists have strong evidence from observations of the first light, when the universe became transparent to visible wavelengths of light. So far, however, the evidence has been revealed only through dark matter’s gravitational effects on galactic and larger