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Latest News and Announcements

Science Literacy leadership transition

Effective June 15, 2016, Mike Raymer is stepping down from the role of SLP Co- Director of the Science Literacy Program. Raghu Parthasarathy will take over for Mike in the co-Director’s role. Meanwhile, Judith Eisen will continue as SLP co-Director and Elly Vandegrift will continue as SLP Associate Director.

Mike and Judith co-founded the SLP in 2010, were co-PIs in the initial Howard Hughes grant, and succeeded in establishing SLP as a UO program with recurring funding..

Thanks and congratulations to Mike and Raghu!


UO scientists play key role in further detection of gravitational waves at LIGO

Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves as a consequence of his famous general theory of relativity, but until LIGO they had never been observed or measured. The detection and analysis of gravitational waves gives scientists a new window on the universe, allowing them to observe events far outside the Milky Way in ways never before possible.

In both recent detections, the UO team’s role was to ensure that the signal was actually from a gravitational wave and not the result of a terrestrial event, such as lightning. The Oregon team has worked hard to understand exactly