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The Physics Colloquium Series will Resume Fall 2019

The Physics Colloquium Series will Resume Fall 2019


In the meantime, feel free to join us in celebration of our class of 2019 graduates:

What: UO Earth Sciences and Physics Commencement Ceremonies When: Monday, June 17th, 2019 12:30pm Location: Paul Olum Atrium in Willamette Hall

And don’t forget, you can now:

Check out UO Physics on Social Media

Discover new ways to connect with the UO Physics Department for students, faculty, staff, and alumni! The Physics Department has recently created social media accounts with the purpose of highlighting the events, research, academics,


Chase Craig, a triple major in mathematics, physics and computer science recipient of the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Chase Craig, busy with his coursework and working in the laboratory of physics professor Benjamín Alemán, almost didn’t apply for the Goldwater but did so at the urging of Alemán, who is more than just a mentor to Craig. “I wouldn’t be here at the UO without him,” Craig said. “That man has done so much for me.”

Craig started as a high schooler in Alemán’s Physics 251 course, which was the impetus for realizing he had a future at the UO and in advanced research work. Craig eventually wants to do research that involves artificial intelligence and autonomous rovers.

He is


Taylor, Smith and Rowland’s contribution to stress reduction through fractal pattern carpeting highlighted in Around-the-O

Taylor hopes the partnership with Mohawk Group and 13&9 will allow UO scientists to evaluate potential public health benefits of fractal flooring. He leads an interdisciplinary research network that investigates the positive physiological changes that occur when people look at the most common form of fractals found in nature.

Their findings to date, published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals, indicate that merely looking at such patterns can reduce stress by as much as 60 percent. More than $300 billion are spent annually in the United States on stress-induced illnesses and