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State of the Department, and Gravitational-­Wave Astronomy

Date: 9/28/17

Speaker: Ray Frey, University of Oregon

Title: State of the Department, and Gravitational-­Wave Astronomy

Time: 4:00-5:00pm Location: 100 Willamette Hall

Host: Ray Frey


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David Wineland to Join UO Physics Faculty

Nobel Laureate David Wineland will join the UO Department of Physics as a Knight Research Professor in the fall. He will work closely with the Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular and Quantum Science and help mentor students and young faculty in the UO’s physics department.

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UO Physics Professor Taylor’s Bio-Inspired Retinal Implants Featured in an Around the O Article

The UO Physics research team, lead by Professor Richard Taylor, studied the potential performance of their bio-inspired implant, which would be inserted behind the eye’s retina. The implant features an array of fractal electrodes designed to stimulate retinal neurons.

In theory, fractal implants act much like a pixel array at the back of a camera. They use a lot of pixels within a confined space at the back of the eye, providing electrically-restored vision at a higher resolution, Watterson said. In retina-damaged eyes, the cones and rods that do such intermediate work disappear. The