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Solar Eclipse 2017

Oregon will experience a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. This is an unusual opportunity; Oregon has experienced a total solar eclipse only twice in the last century, and only over small portions of the state each time. The last one in Oregon, in 1979, ran along the northern state border. This year, in just ninety-one minutes, the sixty-five mile wide umbra of the Moon’s shadow on Earth will bisect Oregon and pass through twelve other states on its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Totality, when the moon blocks the entire sun, begins on the Oregon coast at about 10:15 am on the morning of


David Wineland Public Talk

Physics is co-sponsoring a public presentation by Nobel Laureate David Wineland on May 30 at 7PM. Read all about it here.

Note that the public talk is in addition to the Physics Colloquium that Dr Wineland will be presenting at 4PM that day.

Special Colloquium details:

When: Tuesday, May 30th, 4:00pm

Where: Pacific Hall 123, with a reception starting at 3:40pm in the Paul Olum Atrium, Willamette Hall

Speaker: David J. Wineland, NIST, Boulder, Colorado

Title: Single-atom Optical Clocks


With the availability of spectrally pure lasers and the ability to precisely measure optical


Robert Schofield receives 2017 Research Excellence Award

The award for an Outstanding Accomplishment Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Researcher goes to Robert Schofield, a research assistant professor in the Center for High Energy Physics. The award honors a non-tenure-track faculty member engaged in independent research activities.

Celebrate the recipients of the 2017 Outstanding Achievement Awards.Tuesday, June 6, 2017 • 5:00pm • Ford Alumni Center Giustina Ballroom, 1720 East 13th. RSVP to

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