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Probing Sub-Critical and Super-Critical Impurities in Graphene

Colloquium Preview

Date: Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Speaker: Victor Watson Brar, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Graphene, an atomically thin sheet of carbon atoms, is a two dimensional semi-metal in which the electrons behave as massless Fermions. Because it is extremely thin and has a low carrier density, the local electronic structure of graphene can be strongly modified by impurities found either in the nearby environment, or introduced via intentional doping. This talk will discuss several impurity related phenomena that are observed in graphene and how they can


UO Physics Team Featured in the Oregon Quarterly

An all-star team of UO experts representing five scientific fields is developing a novel implant that may one day restore sight lost to retinal diseases well enough to read, drive, and see color.

Professor Taylor says this work builds on the UO’s 60-year tradition encouraging scientists in different fields to join forces. It also provides a glimpse of things to come from the UO’s new Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, whose mission is to make new treatments and technologies available as quickly as possible by applying a practical focus to insights gained from


UO Undergraduate Physics/Math Major, Manju Bangalore, Featured in an ‘Around the O’ Article

University of Oregon junior Manju Bangalore has been selected as a finalist for the nationally competitive Harry S. Truman Scholarship.

Bangalore, a double major in mathematics and physics from Corvallis, hopes to become an astronaut and science policy advisor.

You can read the full article here: