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October 8, 2015 Colloquium

Speaker: Eric Corwin, University of Oregon

Title:  Glass Rules Everything Around Me


The great successes of modern physics have been reductionist. Equilibrium systems are understood by breaking them into ever smaller and simpler component parts. But the properties of a grain of sand do not determine the properties of the sand pile, nor do the atomic properties of silica determine those of window glass. Rather, all of the interesting behavior arises from the complex geometry of the many interacting pieces: the fundamental physics exists only at the scale of many particles (and indeed


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APS Fellow Graham Kribs

Congratulations to Graham Kribs for being named an APS Fellow! He is cited…

“For contributions to our understanding of physics beyond the Standard Model, in particular theories with supersymmetry and extra generations of matter.”

Read all about it here.

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Physics Professor Graham Kribs new theory of ‘stealth dark matter’ featured in ‘Around the O’ article:

‘The imprint of dark matter on the evolution of the universe is unmistakable, physicists say, but dark matter itself continues to evade direct detection. That may soon change.’

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