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Physics Colloquium Series

Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Speaker: Keat Ghee Ong, UO, Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Title: Embedded Wireless Sensors

Abstract:  Embedded wireless sensors are self-powered or passively powered sensors residing inside or around the object/area of interest for real-time, localized information gathering. Physical, chemical, and/or biological data collected from these sensors are usually wirelessly transmitted to a centralized system for further processing and interpretation. Embedded wireless sensors have many applications such as continuous structural


Allcock Lab Featured in the Emerald

The University of Oregon has invested in the promise of quantum technology. Quantum physicist David Allcock recently joined the UO Physics Department to continue his research on quantum computer technology, according to Around the O.

Allcock likened his work to developing early computer components. “No one really thinks about that. They think about algorithms and operating systems and servers. On some level, some electrical engineer has to figure out, ‘What are the tolerances on all these voltages?’ And that’s kind of the level where we’re working on,” Allcock said.

Early computers


ESPRIT featured in Around the O

Bryan Rebar, associate director of UO STEM Core, a consortium of UO science, math and education faculty members who supports the center, said the aim is to make the path to science teaching more visible and appealing to science students.

Rebar wants to encourage students studying the sciences to consider a career in the classroom, particularly in disciplines in which teachers are badly needed. Those include subjects like chemistry and physics, which are consistently ranked as the highest-need areas among all academic disciplines.

The ESPRIT program also addresses the issue of K-12 science