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PDP-7 Lights Up the Living Computer Museum

Several years ago, the Living Computer Museum, founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, expressed an interest in the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-7 computer that was purchased in 1966 to control the accelerator still located in the basement of the UO Volcanology building. The computer was subsequently sold to the museum and shipped to Seattle. A description of the museum and the PDP-7 can be found at; click on catalog and open the PDP-7 page.

We’re pleased to report that Emeritus Professor Harlan Lefevre and the computer he used so successfully for many years, both pictured below, are enjoying active retirements. After updating the power supplies and cleaning the contacts, the museum successfully booted the machine several months ago. A short video of the big event is posted here.

PDP-7 Lights Up the Living Computer Museum from UOregon Science Outreach on Vimeo.

The following sound file is the PDP playing “Haunting Rag”: PDPsound