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Handbook Addendum – Office Space etc – Fall 2008

Office space

All GTFs have an office assigned to them. In most cases it is a shared office. For TAs the office space is the offices within 215 Willamette Hall. RAs will have an office assigned to them by the PI supporting them.

Access to telephones and computers

All GTFs have access to telephones and computers/printers. Each shared graduate student office has a telephone and computer. Computers are accessible 24 hours a day.

RAs can acquire an authorization code for long distance calls and use of the fax machine with approval of the PI supporting them.

Access to office and building

All GTFs have access to their office and to the building by being issued appropriate keys. This access is available 24 hours a day. A deposit is required for each key.

Office supplies and equipment

All GTFs have access to supplies and equipment necessary to accomplish the tasks associated with their assignments. This includes photocopiers, general office supplies, transparencies, lab equipment, desk copies of textbooks for classes they are TAing, scantron machine and forms.

Health and safety concerns

All GTFs will have safe working conditions. This includes office doors that lock, securely installed shelving, and safe and appropriate furnishings.

Optional training

All GTFs have access to a variety of optional training opportunities. This includes van driving training to drive a state motor pool van, first aid certification, courses offered through the Teaching Effectiveness Program, etc.

Required TA training

All teaching assistants will register for and attend PHYS 610 Pedagogy and the Teaching Assistant Workshop presented during orientation activities at the start of fall term.

Private meeting space for TAs

All TAs needing a private space to meet with a student to discuss sensitive issues may reserve 147 Willamette (a small classroom belonging to Physics).