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May 18, 2016

Workshop on Emerging New Physics at the LHC, to be held May 18-20 at the UO

The world’s most powerful particle accelerator, located in Europe and where the UO has a strong presence, will operate in its second run with more energy than ever with a promise of finding new fundamental particles. The first run delivered the long-elusive Higgs boson.

Just what may be the next discovery? That’s the focus of a three-day conference, Emerging New Physics at the LHC, to be held May 18-20 at the UO. Participants will represent 12 institutions, including 17 UO physicists, four from the University of Washington and 11 other scientists.

The workshop, says co-organizer Spencer Chang, assistant professor in the Department of Physics, is designed to foster discussion and collaboration. It will be held in the Institute of Theoretical Science conference room on the fourth floor of Willamette Hall.

You can read the full article here:


May 13, 2016

Eric Corwin Receives Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

Congratulations to Eric Corwin for his recent promotion to Associate Professor with indefinite tenure.

You can read more about Professor Corwin’s research here:



April 20, 2016

Physics Professor Richard Taylor receives 2016 Innovation and Impact Award

The Physics department congratulates Professor Richard Taylor on his receipt of the 2016 Innovation and ImpactAward, which is awarded in recognition of outstanding UO innovators for contributions that improved the lives of people. This award is part of the UO’s Research Excellence Awards program and is intended to raise the visibility of the outstanding research and innovation activities taking place at the UO.

Dr. Taylor will be formally recognized at celebratory event hosted by Interim Vice President Shelton, Senior Vice Provost Anderson and Dean Pratt on May 24, 2016 at 5pm in the Global Scholars Hall Great Room. President Michael Schill will be present to make opening congratulatory remarks.


April 12, 2016

Eric Corwin PI of new four year, 10M$ Simons Foundation Award

Professor Eric Corwin is a PI of a new collaborative award announced by the Simons Foundation for “Cracking the Glass Problem.”

Simons Collaborations bring together groups of outstanding scientists to address mathematical or theoretical topics of fundamental scientific importance in which a significant new development has created a novel area for exploration or provided a new direction for progress in an established field.

The endeavor to understand the glassy state of matter forces us to consider deeply a seemingly simple question: What is a solid? Glass — the prototypical and ubiquitous amorphous solid — inhabits an incredibly complex energy landscape in which systems are often stranded far from equilibrium.

The development of a theory that unravels the intricate interplay between disorder, statics and relaxation dynamics to describe the transition of a liquid to a glass, the glass transition, is one of the greatest challenge in physics today:

Professor Corwin’s research focuses soft condensed matter and non-equilibrium physics. His work on jamming focuses on the geometric structures that arise in systems undergoing a jamming or unjamming transition, with particular focus on the behavior of the jamming transition as a function of spatial dimension.

Read about it here:

and here:

April 4, 2016

Sripoorna Bharadwaj Recipient of UO Doctoral Research Fellowship

The UO Physics Dept. congratulates Sripoorna Paniyadi Krishna Bharadwaj on being selected as a recipient of the University of Oregon Doctoral Research Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year.

A faculty review panel in a juried competition awards this Fellowship based on the high quality of research and the scholarly excellence demonstrated.

February 17, 2016

UO Society of Physics Students honored with the ‘Outstanding SPS Chapter Award’

The national council of the Society of Physics Students, an organization of the American Institute of Physics, has awarded the ‘Outstanding SPS Chapter Award’ to the UO SPS chapter.

This award is a notable accomplishment recognizing UO’s efforts to build community and to propel our students into their careers as prepared professionals.

Physics faculty Stan Micklavzina and Ben McMorran both serve the department as SPS advisors, helping to engage our students in a broad range of topics and in service to a larger university and community audience.

SPS is open to all students interested in physics, and includes a variety of majors including mathematics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, astronomy, and geology, among others.
Visit the national SPS website here: AIP Society of Physics Students Webpage, or the UO Chapter here:

January 4, 2016

UO team leads 3.6M$ Templeton award

Congratulations to Mike Raymer and Andy Marcus (Chemistry), who are co-Directors of a project entitled “Quantum Simulators of Complex Molecular Networks” which has received a 3.6M$ award from the John Templeton Foundation. The project is to support approximately 20 grant-supported researchers from UO, Harvard, Oxford, and Ulm.

November 25, 2015

Maira Amezcua receives award for presentation at the 2015 SACNAS National Conference

Physics graduate student Maira Amezcua’s work, titled “Controlling the Electron Spin of a Color Center in Diamond,” was selected by the judges as a standout among the student presentations at the 2015 SACNAS National Conference in Washington, D.C., and will receive one of the 2015 SACNAS Student Presentation Awards.

SACNAS is a society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists-from college students to professionals-to attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in science. This year, the National Conference gathered over 3600 students and professionals.

More information may be found here:

Congratulations Maira!!

October 5, 2015

APS Fellow Graham Kribs

Congratulations to Graham Kribs for being named an APS Fellow! He is cited…

“For contributions to our understanding of physics beyond the Standard Model, in
particular theories with supersymmetry and extra generations of matter.”

Read all about it here.

September 24, 2015

Physics Dept. Annual Fall Welcome Picnic

It’s that time of the year again, time for the Physics Department Fall Welcome Picnic! We will be holding our annual event on:

Saturday, October 3rd,
from 5:00-10:00
at Hendricks Park

Burgers, and beverages will be provided but as always everyone should bring a potluck dish to enter for a chance to win great prizes for best appetizer, entrée, or dessert.

As you may or may not know, at the fall picnic we play a get-to-know-you game. This year, we want to know what you do:
Please send a short description (140 characters) of your research to John (
If you aren’t actively doing research, send a short description of something you’ve worked on in the past.
At the picnic, others will have to figure out who you are from your description.We will be enforcing a hard character limit of 140 characters so make it brief.  Please send your bio to John by Wednesday so we can get the game ready for the 3rd.

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