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UO Physics Professor and Guitarist Examines the Close Connection Between Science and Music

University of Oregon Physics professor, Timothy Jenkins, featured in the Daily Emerald:

Physics professor Timothy Jenkins says that music and science are more connected than people often think, and that his interest in both is common in his field.  Jenkins is one example in a long list of physicists who are also gifted musicians.

Recent studies by researchers such as neuroscientist Anita Collins show that being exposed to music at a young age and playing an instrument throughout life have a plethora of benefits for the brain. Playing music helps create the pathways in the brain that are useful in thinking about the world scientifically.

Jenkins will be teaching a blend of music and science through his Summer term course at UO, (CRN 41771) which draws students from both the physics and music departments. He says it’s intriguing to see how students from both departments think about assignments differently.

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