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June 5 Colloquium

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Dean Karlen, University of Victoria and TRIUMF

T2K: Investigating Nature’s Ghostly Particles, The Neutrinos

Host: Jim Brau

Abstract: T2K is the name of an experiment in Japan that has been studying the most mysterious of fundamental particles – the neutrinos. An intense beam of neutrinos are sent through the ground towards the gigantic SuperKamiokande detector, almost 200 miles away. Some of the neutrinos interact inside the detector and reveal a change in their identity. These measurements have established that there is complete mixing of the three kinds of neutrino. More data from T2K and other neutrino experiments will be collected in years to come to look for differences between neutrinos and anti-neutrinos, in order to ascertain whether neutrinos could be responsible for the missing anti-matter in the Universe.