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April 2 Colloquium

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Manoj Kanskar, nLight

High Power Lasers – Industry Perspective


Diode lasers in the near infra-red have improved in power, efficiency, reliability and cost over the past several decades. As a result lasers have transformed from being scientific instruments to tools pervasively used in manufacturing cars, planes, ships, industrial equipment, electronics, hand-held mobile devices and touch-screens and large displays. Part of this revolution is due to the advent of fiber lasers which are impressive brightness converters producing multiple


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Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting, Mar 13-14

The UO (Math, ITS, Physics) is hosting the 31st Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting Fri and Sat this week. The sessions will be held at the Jaqua Center. The Friday sessions will be followed by a public talk by Kip Thorne at 7:00 in Columbia. Attendance for all sessions is free. Click here for the program

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Physics Slam! April 8, 7 PM

Six UO Physics faculty members will compete in a “Physics Slam” event, hosted by the Center for High-Energy Physics. The event is free and open to the public. It will take place April 8, 7 PM in Straub Hall 156. Read all about it here.

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