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Optical Nanofibers: A Platform for Quantum Optics

Physics colloquium preview:


Date: Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Speaker: Luis A. Orozco, University of Maryland


Nanofibers produced by tapering an ordinary single mode optical fiber to diameters of half a micron are interesting optical objects. Evanescent fields, with large gradients, develop as the radius reaches less than the wavelength of light posing puzzles, questions, and opportunities. The geometry of the nanofiber mode allows for study of quantum optical effects in a one-dimensional configuration,


Science Literacy leadership transition

Effective June 15, 2016, Mike Raymer is stepping down from the role of SLP Co- Director of the Science Literacy Program. Raghu Parthasarathy will take over for Mike in the co-Director’s role. Meanwhile, Judith Eisen will continue as SLP co-Director and Elly Vandegrift will continue as SLP Associate Director.

Mike and Judith co-founded the SLP in 2010, were co-PIs in the initial Howard Hughes grant, and succeeded in establishing SLP as a UO program with recurring funding..

Thanks and congratulations to Mike and Raghu!


UO Physics Professor Raghuveer Parthasarathy’s Research on Bacterial Competition Featured in ‘Around the O’ Article

With help from 3-D microscopy, collaborating scientists from three labs discovered that bacterial competition in the zebrafish gut is driven by natural mechanical contractions that move contents through the intestine. Their findings are detailed in the July 26 issue of the online journal PLOS Biology.

Numerous diseases are tied to gut microbiota. The probiotics industry targets intestinal health with products built mostly around enzyme cultures and bacteria. The UO discovery could lead to better products, said