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Arpil 24 Colloquium

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Jeff Lundeen, University of Ottawa

Seeing is Believing: Direct Observation of a General Quantum State

Abstract: Central to quantum theory, the wavefunction is a complex distribution associated with a quantum system. Despite its fundamental role, it is typically introduced as an abstract element of the theory with no explicit definition. Rather, physicists come to a working understanding of it through its use to calculate measurement outcome probabilities through the Born Rule. Tomographic methods can reconstruct the wavefunction from measured


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UO Physicists lead panel for “Particle Fever”

Profs Brau, Chang, Kribs, and Majewski will do a panel discussion following the April 21 6:15 PM showing of the film “Particle Fever” at Eugene’s Bijou Metro. Link to Around the O news item.

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“Particle Fever” panel photo

Photo from last night’s panel Q&A session in the Tap Room following last night’s sold out showing of “Particle Fever.”

Photo credit: Dean Walton, Science Librarian

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