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December 4 Colloquium

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Lloyd Knox, UC Davis

Probing the Big Bang with Maps of the Intensity and Polarization of the Microwave Sky


I will present the latest, still preliminary, results from the Planck satellite’s all-sky observations of intensity and polarization at millimeter to submillimeter wavelengths. I will pay special attention to implications for cosmic inflation, which is our leading candidate theory for the origin of all structure in the universe, and the cosmic neutrino background.

Host: Spencer Chang

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2014 APS Fellow: Robert Schofield

Congratulations to Robert Schofield, Research Assistant Professor in Physics, for being a newly elected Fellow of the American Physical Society. The citation reads: For leadership in identifying and mitigating environmental factors which impact the sensitivity of terrestrial gravitational wave detectors and elimination of spurious noise sources in LIGO.

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DoE Early Career Award for Stephanie Majewski

More on Stephanie Majewski’s early career award from the Department of Energy:

Around -the-O story

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DoE web page

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