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Colloquium Preview

Date: Thursday, February 28th, 2019
Speaker: John Toner, University of Oregon

Title: “The Physics of a(n asymmetric) piece of paper”

Abstract: I’ll describe the theory of inversion-asymmetric tethered membranes (e.g., Christmas wrapping paper). These exhibit a new “double-spiral“ phase not present in symmetric membranes, in which the membrane assumes a universal algebraic spiral shape. This state exhibits a type of infinite thermal expansion coefficient. Like flat tethered membranes, it can also crumple; indeed, the asymmetry can drive the crumpling. In-vitro experiments on lipid-red blood cell membrane extracts, and on graphene coated on one side, could test these predictions.


Date: Thursday, March 7th, 2019
Speaker:  Carol Paty, UO Earth Sciences and the Honors College

Title: TBD

Abstract: TBD

Host: Ray Frey


Date: Thursday, March 14th, 2019
Speaker: Matt Anderson, San Diego State University

Title: The Learning Glass Project


The Learning Glass was developed out of necessity.  Many online courses were suffering from a lack of personality, and in an effort to put the professor’s face back in the picture, Dr. Anderson developed a transparent whiteboard lecture capture system called Learning Glass.  With this system, students are able to observe the nuances of problem solving as their professor teaches complex principles while facing them. And the instructor is not required to write backwards! The writing becomes forward with a simple horizontal “flip” of the image. Learning Glass has now been adopted by institutions across the world in a variety of pedagogical approaches: online courses, hybrid online, supplemental material for face to face, peer instruction, flipped classes, auditorium face to face, etc.  Dr. Anderson will speak about this new technology, pilot studies underway to study its effectiveness at engaging students, and his experience using Learning Glass in his physics courses. (Hint: teaching the Right Hand Rule is challenging!)
He will also bring a portable Learning Glass to this lecture and it will be available for people to try out after the talk.

Host: Mike Raymer