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Physics PhD Recipients 2012-present

Jason Tyler Barkaloo, PhD, Spring 2020, Advisor: Jim Brau, Search for the Flavor-Changing Neutral Current, t to q gamma, in Top Pair Events Using the ATLAS Detector”

Andrew Douglas Blaikie, PhD, Spring 2020, Advisor: Benjamín Alemán, “Graphene Electromechanical Resonators and their use in Thermal Detectors”

Kahli Burke, PhD, Spring 2020, Advisor: Jens Nöckel, “Boundary Integral Method and Applications for Chaotic Optical Microcavities”

Wes Erickson, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Dan Steck, ““Lévy Motion and Laser-Cooled Atoms”

Caleb Holt, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Yashar Ahmadian, “The interplay of neural dynamics and connectivity structures in visual cortex”

David Joseph Miller, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Benjamín Alemán, “Shaping, Tuning, and Playing Nanodrums: Towards Scalable and High Quality Factor Graphene Nanoelectromechanical Systems”

Rudolph William Resch, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Benjamín Alemán, Field Emission Based Displacement Sensing Using a Carbon Nanotube Enhanced Electromechanical Probe”

Brandon Henry Schlomann, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Raghu Parthasarathy, “Learning Biophysical Rules of Gut Bacterial Communities Through Live Imaging of Zebrafish”

Julian Hirsch Smith, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Richard Taylor, “How Neurons Exploit Fractal Geometry”

Tom Tong, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Graham Kribs, “Beyond the Standard Model: Dark Mesons and Custodial Symmetry”

Joshua Ziegler, PhD Spring 2020, Advisor: Benjamín Alemán, “Engineering and characterization of single photon emitters in hexagonal boron nitride”

Erik Jason Keever,  PhD Winter 2020, Advisor: Jim Imamura, “Nonlinear investigation of oscillations in radiating shockwaves”

Saba Moslehi, PhD Winter 2020, Advisor: Richard Taylor, Bio-inspired fractal electrodes interfacing with retinal cells”

Johan Bonilla, PhD Fall 2019, Advisor: Stephanie Majewski, “Reconstructing the Top Quark in a Search for a Pair-Produced Supersymmetric Partner in the All-Hadronic plus Missing Energy Final State Using 139 fb^{-1} of \sqrt{s}=13 TeV Proton-Proton Collisions Delivered by the Large Hadron Collider and Collected by the ATLAS Detector”

Andy Hammond, PhD Fall 2019, Advisor: Eric Corwin, “The Structure of Fluid and Glassy Systems at Short Time and Length Scales”

Teddy Hay, PhD Fall 2019, Advisor: Raghu Parthasarathy, “Identifying Gut Bacteria and Their Interactions Using Deep Learning Based Image Analysis and Gnotobiotic Experiments”

Ben Rhodeland, PhD Fall 2019, Advisor: Tristan Ursell, “The Physics of Bacterial Collective Motion on a Surface: The (Ir)relevance of Run and Tumble Chemotaxis to Rapid Group Motility and Evidence of an Abiotic Jamming Transition as a Primary Control Parameter of a Spreading Bacterial Suspension”

Brian Hake, PhD Summer 2019, Advisor: Miriam Deutsch, “Resonantly Enhanced Sagnac Interferometry Using Surface Plasmon Polaritons”

Ellis Roe, PhD Summer 2019, Advisor: Mark Lonergan, “Theory of Contact-Limited Solar Cells”

John Myers, PhD Spring 2019, Advisor: Eric Torrence, “Search for Higgs Boson Pair Production in the bbWW* Channel in Sqrt(s) = 13 TeV Proton-Proton Collisions at the Large Hadron Collider Using the ATLAS Detector”

Vincent Roma, PhD Spring 2019, Advisor: Ray Frey, “Astrophysics with Gravitational Wave Signals from Core-Collapse Supernovae”

Paul Schale, PhD Spring 2019, Advisor: Ray Frey, “Search for Gravitational Waves from Magnetars during Advanced LIGO’s Second Observing Run”

Richard Wagner, PhD Spring 2019, Advisor: Dan Steck, “Position and Temperature Measurements of a Single Atom via Resonant Flourescence”

Fehmi Yasin, PhD Spring 2019, Advisor: Ben McMorran, “Electron Interferometry Using an Amplitude Dividing Grating Beamsplitter: Development and Application”

Andrea Goering, PhD Winter 2019, Advisor: Miriam Deutsch, “Design and Control of Tunable Optical Resonances in Plasmonic Nanoparticle Ensembles”

Sudarshan Karki, PhD Winter 2019, Advisor: Ray Frey, “Accurate and Precise Calibration of Advanced LIGO Detectors in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy”

Savannah Logan, PhD Fall 2018, Advisor: Raghu Parthasarathy, “Imaging Vibrio Cholerae Invasion and Developing New Tools for 3D Microscopy of Live Animals”

George de Coster, PhD Summer 2018, Advisor: Dietrich Belitz, “Effective Soft-Mode Theory of Strongly Interacting Fermions in Dirac Semimetals”

Mark Kuzyk, PhD Summer 2018, Advisor: Hailin Wang, “Multimode Optomechanical Systems and Phononic Networks”

Jordan Pierce, PhD Summer 2018, Advisor: Ben McMorran, “Holographic Sculpting of Electron Beams with Diffraction Gratings”

Benjamin Allen, PhD Spring 2018, Advisor: David Strom, “Search for a New Phenomena in Dijet Events Using 13 TeV Proton-Proton Collision Data taken with the ATLAS Detector”

Mayra Amezcua, PhD Spring 2018, Advisor: Hailin Wang, “Optical and Mechanical Quantum Control of Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond”

Ian Snyder, PhD Spring 2018, Advisor: Stephanie Majewski, “Search for a Scalar Partner of the Top Quark in the Jets+met Final State in √s=13 TeV Proton-Proton Collisions with the ATLAS Detector”

Alexander Trevelyan, PhD Winter 2018, Advisor: Eric Corwin, “Nonequilibrium Statistical Models: Guided Network Growth Under Localized Information and Perspectives on Electron Diffusion in Conductors”

Eryn Cook, PhD Fall 2017, Advisor: Dan Steck, “Laser Cooling and Trapping of Neutral Strontium for Spectroscopic Measurements of Casimir- Polder Potentials”

William Watterson, PhD Fall 2017, Advisor: Richard Taylor, “Fractal Interfaces for Stimulating and Recording Neural Implants”

Jordan Chess, PhD Fall 2017, Advisor: Ben McMorran, “Mapping Topological Magnetization and Magnetic Skyrmions”

Kyle Klarup, PhD Summer 2017, Advisor: Mike Raymer, “Density Controlled Photon Pair Generation: a Prototype Source of Tunable Entangled Photons from Supercritical Xenon”

Dileep Reddy, PhD Summer 2017, Advisor: Mike Raymer, “Temporal-Mode Interferometry: A Technique for Highly Selective Quantum Pulse Gating via Cascaded Frequency Conversion in Nonlinear Optical Waveguides”

Jonathan Mackrory, PhD Spring 2017, Advisor: Dan Steck, “The Worldline Method for Electromagnetic Casimir Energies”

David (Wes) Miller, PhD Spring 2017, Advisor: Mark Lonergan, “The Defect Structure and Performance of Methylammonium Lead Trihalide Thin-Film based Photovoltaics”

Mohammad (Yasin) Karim, PhD Spring 2017, Advisor: Eric Corwin, “Non-Holonomic Tomography: A Method for Assessing Various State-Preparation and Measurement Correlations”

Sripoorna Bharadwaj, PhD Spring 2017, Advisor: Dietrich Belitz, “Theoretical Study of Spin-Wave Effects in Quantum Ferromagnets”

Tyler Harvey, PhD Spring 2017, Advisor: Ben McMorran, “Electron Orbital Angular Momentum: Preparation, Application, and Measurement”

Paul Martin, PhD Winter 2017, Advisor: Dan Steck, “Development of a Strontium Magneto-Optical Trap for Probing Casimir-Polder Potentials”

Christopher Jackson, PhD Winter 2017, Advisor: Steven van Enk, “Tomography, Holonomy, and SPAM Correlations”

Chaowaroj (Max) Wanotayaroj, PhD Fall 2016, Advisor: Jim Brau, “Search for Scalar Partner of the Top Quark in the Jets+ETMiss Final State with the Atlas Detector”

Jason Boucher, PhD Fall 2016, Advisor: Shannon Boettcher, “Studies of GaAs Solar Cells Grown by Close-Spaced Vapor Transport”

Herbert Grotewohl, PhD Summer 2016, Advisor: Miriam Deutsch, “Tunable Geometric Fano Resonances in Metal/Insulator Stack”

Roger Smith, PhD Summer 2016, Advisor: Mike Raymer, “The Double-Heralded Generation and Frequency Translation of Two-Photon States of Light in Optical Fibers”

Dashiell Vitullo, PhD Summer 2016, Advisor: Mike Raymer, “Propogation of Photons through Optical Fiber: Observation of Interaction between Spin and Intrinsic Orbital Angular Momentum of Light”

Kyle Welch, PhD Summer 2016, Advisor: Eric Corwin, “Emergent Thermodynamics in a System of Macroscopic, Chaotic Surface Waves”

Peter Radloff, PhD Spring 2016, Advisor: David Strom, “Search for New Light Scalar Bosons Produced in Association with a BottomQuark and Decaying Two Tau Leptons”

Peter Morse, PhD Spring 2016, Advisor: Eric Corwin, “A New Perspective on the Jamming Transition: Geometry Reveals Hidden Symmetries”

Jeremy Copperman, PhD Spring 2016, Advisor: Marina Guenza, “Diffusive and Activated Contributions in Protein Dynamics”

Christopher Newby, PhD Spring 2016, Advisor: Spencer Chang, “Tools for Physics Beyond the Standard Model”

Gregory (Gabriel) Barello, PhD Spring 2016, Advisor: Spencer Chang, “Models and Constraints for New Physics at the Energy, Intensity, and Cosmic Frontiers”

Ryan Quitzow-James, PhD Winter 2016, Advisor: Ray Frey, ”Search for Long-Duration Transient Gravitational Waves Associated with Magnetar Bursts during LIGO’s Sixth Science Run”

Elizabeth (Liza) Brost, PhD Winter 2016, Advisor: Jim Brau, “Search for the Flavor-Changing Neutral Current in Top Pair Events in sqrt(s)=8 TeV Proton-Proton Collisions at the Large Hadron Collider Using the ATLAS Detector”

Matthew Jemielita, PhD Summer 2015, Advisor: Raghu Parthasarathy, “Imaging Bacterial Population Dynamics in the Zebrafish Intestine”

Victor Fiore, PhD Spring 2015, Advisor: Hailin Wang, “Optomechanical Light Storage and Related Transient Optomechanical Phenomena”

Tristan Hormel, PhD Spring 2015, Advisor: Raghu Parthasarathy, “Microrheology of Lipid Bilayers”

Nirmal Raj, PhD Spring 2015, Advisor: Graham Kribs, “Signals of New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider”

David (Andrew) Golter, PhD Fall 2014, Advisor: Hailin Wang, “Optical Control of Electron Spins in Diamond”

Yan Sang, PhD Fall 2014, Advisor: Dietrich Belitz, “Phases and Phase Transitions in Quantum Ferromagnets”

Rick Montgomery, PhD Fall 2014, Advisor: Richard Taylor, “Fractal Electrodes Interfacing with Neurons”

Ian Pilgrim, PhD Summer 2014, Advisor: Richard Taylor, “Electron Transport Dynamics in Semiconductor Heterostructure Devices”

Lucia Schwarz, PhD Summer 2014, Advisor: Steven van Enk, “Error Models for Quantum State and Parameter Estimation”

Imran Mirza, PhD Summer 2014, Advisor: Steven van Enk, “Storage, Interference, and Mechanical Effects of Single Photons in Coupled Optical Cavities”

Michael Taormina, PhD Spring 2014, Advisor: Raghu Parthasarathy, “Developing Methods Based On Light Sheet Flourescence Microscopy for Biophysical Investigation of Larval Zebrafish”

Ellery Ames, PhD Fall 2013, Advisor: Jim Isenberg, “Asymptotic Behavior of Cosmological Solutions to the Einstein Equations”

Megan Ray, PhD Summer 2013, Advisor: Steven van Enk, “Verifying Optical Entanglement”

Daniel Parks, PhD Spring 2013, Advisor: Steve Kevan, “X-Ray Scattering Techniques for Coherent Imaging in Reflection Geometry, Measurement of Mutual Intensity, and Symmetry Determination in Disordered Materials”

Xiaolu Cheng, PhD Winter 2013, Advisor: Jeff Cina, “Mixed Quantum/Semiclassical Theory for Small-Molecule Dynamics and Spectroscopy in Low-Temperature Solids”

Anthony Clark, PhD Winter 2013, Advisor: Marina Guenza, “Properties of Effective Pair Potentials that Map Polymer Melts Onto Liquids of Soft Colloid Chains”

Emelie Harstad, PhD Winter 2013, Advisor: Ray Frey, “A Targeted LIGO-Virgo Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts Using Low-Threshold Swift GRB Triggers”

Khodadad (Nima) Dinyari, PhD Fall 2012, Advisor: Hailin Wang, “Coupling Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond Nanopillars to Whispering Gallery Microresonators”

Run Su, PhD Fall 2012, Advisor: Steve Kevan, “Hidden Rotational Symmetries in Magnetic Domains”

Jacob Searcy, PhD Fall 2012, Advisor: Jim Brau, “Measurement of the Top Quark Pair Production Cross Section in p-p Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV in the l+tau Channel with ATLAS”

Bryan Boggs, PhD Fall 2012, Advisor: Hailin Wang, “An Erbium-Doped 1-D Fiber-Bragg Grating and Its Effect Upon Er3+ Radiative Spontaneous Emissions”

Andrew Cook, PhD Spring 2012, Advisor: Jens Nöckel, “Dirac Metamaterials: Electromagnetic Episilon-Near-Zero Metamaterials That Mimic Relativistic Quantum Particles”

Lawrence Davis, PhD Spring 2012, Advisor: Miriam Deutsch, “Understanding Morphology Dependent Luminescence in Nanostructured Silver Films: Experiments, Modeling, and Numerical Simulations”

Andreas Reinsch, PhD Spring 2012, Advisor: David Strom, “Search for Colorful Quantum Black Holes Decaying to an Electron-Jet Final State at the ATLAS Experiment”

Yan Guo, PhD Winter 2012, Advisor: Miriam Deutsch, “Nonlinear Surface Plasmon Polaritons: Analytical and Numerical Studies”