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Degree Programs

Masters, and Doctoral Degrees

The Department of Physics offers graduate programs that lead to the master of arts (M.A.), master of science (M.S.), and doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. The traditional master’s degree programs, leading to a M.A. or M.S. degree, consist primarily of course work and require one to two years to complete. The doctoral program emphasizes research work in addition to course work and generally requires five to six years of graduate study. Course offerings are listed in the physics section of the UO Catalog. Degree requirements are summarized in the department’s Graduate Student Handbook.

The department offers an Applied Physics Masters Program that leads to a professional M.S. degree. This degree is an alternative to the research-based Ph.D. that is more oriented towards the needs of industrial physicists than the traditional masters degree. This program includes an Industrial Internship component. The applied Physics Masters Program is offered through the Materials Science Institute.

Preparation for College Teachers

A substantial number of Oregon’s graduate students intend to become college teachers. Most students acquire some teaching experience in the first year or two as teaching assistants. Students who want more experience may arrange a program of practice teaching, supervised by physics faculty members, by registering for credit in supervised tutoring practicum.

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