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Spring 2014 Colloquium Series

Science Calendar

Colloquia are at 4pm, Thursdays, in 100 Willamette Hall and are preceded by coffee, tea, and cookies at 3:40 in the Willamette Atrium.

The organizer of the Spring Term 2014 Colloquia is Jim Brau.

Apr 3

John Toner
University of Oregon

Swarming in the Dirt: Flocking in the Presence of Quenched Disorder

Apr 10

M. Janoschek
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Investigating Strongly Correlated Electron Materials by Means of Neutron Scattering

Host: Dietrich Belitz

Apr 17

Alex Small
Cal Poly Pomona

Theoretical Limits to Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy

Host: Raghu Parthasarathy

Apr 24

Jeff Lundeen

Seeing is Believing: Direct Observation of a General Quantum State

Host: Michael Raymer

May 1

Walt Ogburn
Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, Stanford

BICEP2 and the Echoes of Cosmic Inflation

Host: Jim Brau

May 8

Sarah Ballard
University of Washington

Directions to the Nearest Alien Earth-like Planet

Host: Jim Brau

May 15

Alan Peterson

Review of Diode-pumped Alkali Vapor Lasers

Host: Bryan Boggs

May 22

Kelly Miller
Harvard University

Physics Education Research and Practice; From Lecture Demonstrations to the Flipped Classroom

Host: Stan Micklavzina

May 29

Vera Luth
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Observation of Time Reversal Violation in B Meson Decays

Host: Dietrich Belitz

Jun 5

Dean Karlen

T2K: Investigating nature’s ghostly particles, the neutrinos

Host: Jim Brau