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UO Physics Faculty Collaborate on New National Quantum Centers

The development of a quantum internet is one of the most ambitious and transformative engineering endeavors of the 21st century,” said Raymer, a Philip H. Knight Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics.

Raymer will co-lead the UO’s efforts on the grant with Smith, who directs the Oregon Center for Optical Molecular and Quantum Science.

“The quantum internet will push the frontiers of science while potentially revolutionizing computer science, data privacy, pharmaceuticals discovery and materials design, among others,” Smith said.

The new Center for Quantum Networks is the latest in a series of important developments for UO researchers involved in quantum information research. David Allcock and Nobel laureate David Wineland, both Department of Physics faculty, are named participants in another newly announced quantum research center, Q-SEnSE: Quantum Systems through Entangled Science and Engineering, to be led by the University of Colorado.

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