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Physics Colloquium

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Speaker: Swapan Chattopadhyay, Fermilab and Northern Illinois University

Title: Particle Accelerator and Emerging Quantum Initiatives at Fermilab

Abstract: Fermilab is building a state-of-the-art high current proton accelerator complex PIP-II in support of DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment), its international flagship particle physics experiment, while advancing fundamental accelerator R&D of nonlinear dynamics, high current proton beams, and single electron quantum dynamics in its experimental test accelerator complex FAST/IOTA.

Synergistically, as part of a national DOE ‘Quantum Initiative’, Fermilab is hosting half a dozen funded R&D activities in the science and technology of Quantum Sensors via its emerging strong Quantum Science and Technology Program, including superconducting cavity-based dark matter ‘Axion’ search and prototype 50-qubit quantum computer, quantum algorithms for high energy experimental physics and a 100-meter long-baseline atomic beam interferometer to demonstrate macroscopic atomic quantum entanglement and as a quantum sensor for the dark sector and stochastic cosmic gravitational wave background from the early universe.

I will give a flavor and description of some of these current activities at Fermilab.

Host: Jim Brau

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