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Jim Brau’s Work with the International Linear Collider Featured on Around the O

Learning more about the Higgs boson and finding dark matter are the driving forces for construction of the International Linear Collider, says University of Oregon physicist Jim Brau. Where it will be built may be known soon.

“The linear collider, Brau said, will turn research up a notch. At the Large Hadron Collider, scientists, including a large UO team, have been watching collisions of protons. That led to the discovery of the long-elusive Higgs boson.

Leaders in high-energy physics see this project as being a critical element to advance the science. “It will complement the Large Hadron Collider in Europe.”

At the linear collider, he said, researchers will collide electrons and positrons, providing significant advances in precision to further study the Higgs boson.

Brau is currently associate director of the linear collider collaboration of the International Committee for Future Accelerators.

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