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Physics Colloquium Series

Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Speaker: Keat Ghee Ong, UO, Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Title: Embedded Wireless Sensors

Abstract:  Embedded wireless sensors are self-powered or passively powered sensors residing inside or around the object/area of interest for real-time, localized information gathering. Physical, chemical, and/or biological data collected from these sensors are usually wirelessly transmitted to a centralized system for further processing and interpretation. Embedded wireless sensors have many applications such as continuous structural monitoring, human health monitoring, pollution detection and home security, etc. Since different types of sensors can be incorporated into various objects and environments, embedded sensors are not limited to a single class of sensor or a specific measurement technique. The speaker has 20 years of experience in embedded sensors technologies, and has developed a number of them including the RFID sensors, the magnetoelastic sensors, and the battery-powered wireless Bluetooth sensors. Currently, his lab focuses on the implementation of these sensors for regenerative medicine and environmental monitoring.

This presentation will focus on the design and application of embedded wireless sensors for medical applications. Specifically, the application of magnetoelastic sensors, RFID sensors, and Bluetooth-based sensors to provide real-time monitoring of bones and blood vessels will be presented. The speaker will also describe the use of magnetoelastic sensors for detecting biomarkers and other chemical concentrations. Furthermore, the strengths and weaknesses of embedded sensors, as well as their future prospects and challenges, will be discussed.

Location: Room 100, Willamette hall

Host: Richard Taylor

Please join us for a catered reception at 3:40pm in the Paul Olum, Willamette Hall Atrium.

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