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Physics Colloquium Series

Date: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Speaker: David Lucas, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford

Title: Quantum logic with trapped ions: precise, fast, networked

Abstract: The concepts of quantum information processing date back at least 35 years, to the ideas of quantum simulation and computing suggested by Feynman and Deutsch. Experimental progress in the field often appears slow, partly because of the demanding precision required in the elementary logic operations for quantum error correction, partly because of the technical challenges associated with scaling systems up to larger numbers of qubits, and partly because our expectations are colored by the enormous power and progress of classical computing technology over the last hundred years. I will give a brief survey of the state of the art across the various platforms which are being explored for quantum computing, and argue that progress is in fact extremely encouraging. I will then report on recent work in Oxford on improving the precision and speed of quantum logic operations in the ion trap platform, and on building an elementary quantum network to distribute entanglement between two different ion trap “nodes” separated by a macroscopic distance.

Location: Room 100, Willamette hall

Host: David Allcock & David Wineland

Please join us for a catered reception at 3:40pm in the Paul Olum, Willamette Hall Atrium.

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