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University of Oregon invests in its quantum legacy with new lab

The local scientists will capture and manipulate tiny particles, one possible step in building a quantum computer.

Fantastically small particles will drive the computer brains of the future, and University of Oregon scientists soon will be learning to catch and control them.

The university’s decades-old reputation in the study of quantum physics will be furthered next year by a new laboratory where those whizzing particles can be captured and studied, giving local scientists a place in the hunt for the next big breakthrough in computing.

UO scientists currently are tearing out space in the basement of Willamette Hall, home of the physics department, to build a lab that will make it possible to do in miniature the same kind of research done by global companies racing to build the first true quantum computers. And because of research to be done in that lab, those companies may one day be relying on UO grads.

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