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The Physics of a(n asymmetric) piece of paper

Date:  Thursday, February 28, 2019

Time: 4:00pm

Location: 100 Willamette Hall

Speaker: John Toner, University of Oregon

Abstract:  I’ll describe the theory of inversion-asymmetric tethered membranes (e.g., Christmas wrapping paper). These exhibit a new “double-spiral“ phase not present in symmetric membranes, in which the membrane assumes a universal algebraic spiral shape. This state exhibits a type of infinite thermal expansion coefficient. Like flat tethered membranes, it can also crumple; indeed, the asymmetry can drive the crumpling. In-vitro experiments on lipid-red blood cell membrane extracts, and on graphene coated on one side, could test these predictions.

All attendees are invited to attend a colloquium reception in the Willamette Hall, Paul Olum atrium at 3:40pm.

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