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Stanley Micklavzina Named an Honorary Doctor in Science at Lund University in Sweden

The physics demonstration room is Stanley Micklavzina’s domain.

It is here where the magic comes together. Lasers, magnets, hoses, wires, glassware and many, many other unidentifiable science-y looking gadgets fill tables and floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Micklavzina puts these items together in different configurations so he and his colleagues in the physics department can best explain how the laws of physics work.

It just so happens that Micklavzina has a knack for making even the most complicated scientific concepts understandable, and that ability has earned him what is to-date the highest honor he’s ever received.

Thanks to a chance email Micklavzina sent roughly 17 years ago, Lund University in Sweden will be awarding Micklavzina an honorary doctorate.

“I like to tell the joke that I got the call from Sweden,” Micklavzina said. “Of course, any physicist wants the call from Sweden because that means they won the Nobel Prize. Well, I got the call from Sweden, and for me, this is like getting the Nobel Prize. For what I do, it’s that big of an honor.”

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