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Entangling Trapped Ions with a Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Gradient

Date:  Thursday,  January 25, 2018

Speaker:  David Allcock, NIST


Entangled states of trapped ions are typically generated using laser-induced spin-motion coupling. Spin-motion coupling with hyperfine qubits has also been demonstrated with microwave magnetic fields instead of lasers, thus eliminating photon scattering errors and offering potential benefits for scalability. These experiments have relied on either static magnetic field gradients or oscillating magnetic field gradients at GHz frequencies [1-4]. We present methods of spin-motion coupling using magnetic field gradients oscillating at MHz frequencies. We entangle the internal states of two trapped 25Mg+ ions in a cryogenic microfabricated surface-electrode trap and characterize the Bell-state fidelity. These implementations offer important technical advantages over both the static-gradient and GHz-gradient techniques.

[1] Mintert and Wunderlich PRL 87, 257904 (2001)
[2] Weidt et al. PRL 117, 220501 (2016)
[3] Ospelkaus et al. Nature 476, 181 (2011)
[4] Harty et al. PRL 117, 140501 (2016)

Host:  Mike Raymer

Catered Reception: 3:40pm-3:55pm, Willamette Hall, Paul Olum Atrium

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