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Blending Teaching, Outreach, and Research into an Astronomical Amalgam

Date:  Thursday,  January 11, 2018

Speaker:  Scott Fisher, UO


In this colloquium Scott Fisher will present on his work in the Department of Physics. Different than a typical research presentation, in this talk Scott will describe his efforts in the realms of teaching, outreach, and research and show how he has blended these topics into a vibrant and fulfilling position within UO Physics. He will give an overview of his teaching (and outreach) style and discuss a few in class (and speaking to the public) techniques used in his general education ASTR-12x classes and public/K-12 programs. With respect to research, he will give a top-level overview of research activities, including a discussion of ongoing and future projects at Pine Mountain Observatory as well as a discussion of a recent publication on Galaxy Evolution. In particular he will highlight the work done by a team of undergraduate PHYS majors which led to an extremely rare first-author publication for one of our students.


Host:  Mike Raymer

Catered Reception: 3:40pm-3:55pm, Willamette Hall, Paul Olum Atrium

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