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Tesla: Light, Sound, Color (Jan. 10th/11th @ Hult)

Faculty members from the UO School of Music and Dance and the arts and Physics departments came together to create “Tesla: Light, Sound, Color,” a stage show about this oft-misunderstood Super-inventor Nikola Tesla.

The idea for “Tesla” began with Garner; John Park, a senior career instructor in the Department of Art; Jeremy Schropp, also of the Department of Art and who earned a doctorate in music composition and theory at the UO; and Jon Bellona, an instructor of audio production at the music school. The four men comprise Harmonic Laboratory, an artistic group that, among a range of other programs, holds performances and workshops incorporating multiple expressions of art.

But the group wanted to incorporate a strong science element into the show, too, in part to reach a broader audience. So they pulled in Stan Micklavzina, a senior instructor in the physics department.

“I’ve always had this idea of physics and performance, where people are going to come and see the performance, but then you throw the physics in with the performance,” said Micklavzina, who is popular in his own right for his high-energy physics demonstrations.

The group created a 90-minute show that includes dance, an original score, animation, science demonstrations and more. They will perform Jan. 10 and 11 at the Hult Center in Eugene, and then head to Portland on Jan. 13 and Bend on Jan. 15.

Bringing a group together with such a diverse mix of skills to tell Tesla’s story makes sense, Micklavzina said.

“It’s extremely appropriate because Tesla’s an interesting character in many aspects,” Micklavzina said, “a very complicated person.”

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