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Parthasarathy, UO Research Team Recipient of Kavli Microbiome Grant

The UO team of ecologist and evolutionary biologist Brendan Bohannan, microbiologist Karen Guillemin and biophysicist Raghuveer Parthasarathy won out over nearly 100 applications from 17 countries.

The research team plans to develop tools that allow bacteria to report on their activities, such as a probe that lights up once a gene that enables motion is activated or when a bacterium is experiencing stress. The research builds on existing projects that all three researchers have been working on, including three-dimensional microscopy that examines the insides of zebrafish.

“It is this combination of molecular biology, biophysics, imaging and ecology that is particularly exciting, and I firmly believe it’s only through a combination like that that we’re going to actually learn something insightful about these systems,” Parthasarathy said.

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