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David Wineland Public Talk

Physics is co-sponsoring a public presentation by Nobel Laureate David Wineland on May 30 at 7PM. Read all about it here.

Note that the public talk is in addition to the Physics Colloquium that Dr Wineland will be presenting at 4PM that day.

Special Colloquium details:

When: Tuesday, May 30th, 4:00pm

Where: Pacific Hall 123, with a reception starting at 3:40pm in the Paul Olum Atrium, Willamette Hall

Speaker: David J. Wineland, NIST, Boulder, Colorado

Title: Single-atom Optical Clocks


With the availability of spectrally pure lasers and the ability to precisely measure optical frequencies, it appears the era of optical atomic clocks has begun. In one clock project at NIST we have used a single trapped Al+ ion to make a clock based on an ultraviolet transition. With single ions, uncertainties in systematic effects are smallest, reaching a fractional frequency error of Df/f0 = 8.0 x 10-18. At this level, many interesting effects, including those due to special and general relativity, must be calibrated and corrected for.

Host: Michael Raymer