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Fall 2014 Colloquium Series

Science Calendar

Colloquia are at 4pm, Thursdays, in 100 Willamette Hall and are preceded by coffee, tea, and cookies at 3:40 in the Willamette Atrium.

The organizer of the Fall Term 2014 Colloquium series is Spencer Chang.

Oct 2

Ray Frey
University of Oregon

State of the Physics Department, and Gamma-Ray Bursts

Oct 9

Edward F. Redish
University of Maryland

Reinventing Introductory Physics for Life Scientists (IPLS)

Host: S. Micklavzina

Oct 16

Kyle Cranmer

What’s Next for the Large Hadron Collider?

Host: S. Chang

Oct 23

Graham Kribs
University of Oregon

What’s So Super About Symmetries?

Oct 30

Gray Rybka
U of Washington


Host: S. Chang

Nov 6

Tracy Slatyer

(galactic photons?)

Host: S. Chang

Nov 13

Itay Yavin
Perimeter Inst/McMasters U

(proton charge radius?)

Host: S. Chang

Nov 20

Peter Fischer

Magnetic Soft X-­ray microscopy: From nanoscale behavior to mesoscale phenomena

Host: B. McMorran

Nov 27

Thanksgiving holiday


Dec 4

Lloyd Knox
UC Davis

(Planck polarization)

Host: S. Chang