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Spring 2015 Colloquium Series

Science Calendar

Colloquia are at 4pm, Thursdays (except as noted) in 100 Willamette Hall and are preceded by coffee, tea, and cookies at 3:40 in the Willamette Atrium.

The organizers of the Spring Term 2015 Colloquium series are Dietrich Belitz and and Eric Corwin.

April 2

Manoj Kanskar
nLight Inc.

Title: High Power Lasers – Industry Perspective

Host: Bryan Boggs

April 9

Yasotomo Uemura
Columbia U

Title: MuSR Studies of Itinerant-Electron Magnets MnSi and (Mn,Fe)Si: First-Order Quantum Phase Evolution, Effect of Disorder, and Fluctuating Skyrmion Liquids

Host: D. Belitz

April 16

Grzegorz Szamel
Colorado State University

Title: Glassy Dynamics: Fundamental Differences Between Two and Three Dimensions

Host: E. Corwin

April 23

Steven van Enk

Title: Detecting Errors in Quantum Computers

Host: E. Corwin

April 30


Tommaso Baldacchini
Newport Corp.

Title: Making and Characterizing Small Things

Host: Bryan Boggs

May 7

Hailin Wang
University of Oregon

Title: Communicating Between Disparate Quantum Systems via Radiation Pressure Force

Host: Eric Corwin

May 14

Heidi Schellman
Oregon State U

Title: Neutrino Nus

Host: D. Soper

May 21

Sid Nagel
University of Chicago

Title: Speak, Memory!  What can a material memorize?

Host: E. Corwin

May 28

Tommaso Calarco
University of Ulm

Title: Steering Many-Body Quantum Dynamics

Host: S. van Enk

June 4

Michael Dickey
North Carolina State U

Title: Soft, Stretchable, and Reconfigurable Materials for Electronics and Actuators

Host: Physics grad students